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Why is CrossFit so Expensive?

CrossFit seems more expensive than many of the other “GloboGyms” (Gold’s, Planet Fitness, health clubs, etc.). But when you stop to think about what you are getting at a CrossFit affiliate versus a GloboGym, you can see the value that we provide.

crossfit coaching

First of all, you are getting high quality coaching and programming. We don’t just show you how to use a machine and let you struggle with it on your own. Every day, we teach you how to operate your own machine… your body. You cannot go into a GloboGym and get the coaching that you are getting at CFBA without paying $50-75 per hour of personal training. Your coach has the ability to make sure that your form is correct, your weight is safe and appropriate, and the best part…. you don’t have to think of a workout! It is already done for you! When you think about this cost per class, you are getting a great deal. At $125 per month, with an average of 4.2 weeks in a month it costs you about $29.76 per week (Less than one personal training session at a GloboGym). If you break this down further and attend 4
classes per week, you pay $7.44 per class. Five classes per week breaks down into $5.95 per class session. This is a great deal for a much more individualized experience! So, in reality, you are not paying more, you are almost stealing this service!

Second, the community built in this environment cannot be replicated. We are much more than a group of people that happen to be working out in the same space. We are a family. In this community, we celebrate your achievements and we suffer together through workouts. We even hang out together outside of the gym! Our community is similar to what you experience at church or in a close knit neighborhood. Join our community and discover what you can gain in body, mind, and spirit!

crossfit community
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