In CrossFit we call the workout plan programming. Every week, I program workouts for you based on my knowledge and experience with the human body. And what I do is different from what others do, and that's ok. Today I'll tell you the mindset behind CFBA programming so you have an understanding of WHY you do what you do at the gym.  

Some of you looking for a good nap, here it is…Others may be looking fo...

There's something different about a CrossFit box. People don't always notice it right away. They can definitely tell we aren't like other gyms but they may not pick up on this particular characteristic. 

No mirrors. 

Other than a small mirror in the bathroom for a quick booger check

You won't find a single mirror. We don't need them. 

Outer appearance is one of the most cited reasons people start a fitness routine. And it's a legi...

CrossFitters are a different breed of people. People might make fun of our "kool-aid" but the truth is we are extremely dedicated and driven people. We choose to do something hard every day to make ourselves better people. 

YOU ARE A CROSSFITTER! Own it and be proud of it. 

Tell yourself this every day:

I am committed

I am consistent

I am humble

I am courageous

I am passionate

I am supportive
I am focused
I am a CrossFitter

And just fo...

What does real food include?

As mentioned previously, real food includes meats, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit, water/tea. If it used to have eyes, you picked it from a tree or pulled it from the ground (mostly), you can eat it. It is that simple. Any meat is ok, although leaner meats tend to be slightly better. Chicken, fish, shellfish, beef, pork, elk, moose, rabbit, squirrel, etc. You want your meat to be as un-messed-around...

NUTRITION! The very basis of what we do and how we move. A plane won't fly without the proper fuel and your body doesn't work optimally without the same. There is a lot of information out there from many sources. It seems everyone knows what to eat and what not to eat. But nobody can seem to come to a consensus as to which is which.

Here's the bottom line...our food options and availability are often a result of clever marketin...

When we hear the word habit, we often think of negative things such as excessive coffee, smoking, leaving dirty dishes out, or  being late. 

And we assume that in order to get rid of a habit we must cease the behavior causing the habit. 

But this is a faulty thinking process and it's the reason why so many of us find ourselves making the same new year resolutions year after year. 

 If you really want to understand how habits...

Don't you hate it when someone starts a sentence with "research shows"?

Too bad, I'm doing it. 

Research shows that exercise is a keystone habit. That means it's a basis for bigger and better changes in your life. When people maintain a consistent exercise routine, they also feel less stress, they make better food choices, they become more productive at work, and even use credit cards less frequently. 

It's the power of a small w...

Today's blog is a link to an article someone else wrote about scaling WODs. 

"Eliminate from your mind this idea that scaling equals some kind of failure."

"On Scaling and Surviving the Zombie Apocolypse"

I heard a rumor several weeks back about our gym. Someone mentioned that they work out at CrossFit Backward Arrow and the response to them was "Isn't that where you go if you want to be a competitor?"

If by "competitor" you're referring to the driven, motivated, hardworking athletes we have in this gym, then yes. You're exactly right!

I think this is probably one of the biggest misconceptions about CrossFit in general. 

Yes, we t...

These days, our society tends to look for the quickest and cheapest fix for problems. We've been conditioned to believe that if it's fast and cheap, it's right! Everything is literally a click away and only getting cheaper as we streamline our processes.

The same can be said for our gym memberships. It's not hard to find a gym membership for $10-30 a month. They have the nicest, newest equipment, amazing facilities and bathroom...

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