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Feeling Better

Getting back to life like you desire!

Not your typical physical therapy experience

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Schedule a free consultation using the form above. Tell us about your pain and what it prevents you from doing. 

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Talk to our physical therapist and go through a full examination. The goal is to find all of the areas that could be causing problems. This may be in the area that you are hurting or in other areas near your pain. 

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Let our physical therapist work further with you to solve your problem areas. This could mean 1 treatment session or 20. Your therapist will outline what they think is best for you and how it will help you to get back to doing what you love without pain! 

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Who Are We?

Backward Arrow Physical Therapy is a company that is passionate about changing the way that people receive physical therapy service. We believe that you need help with your pain and problems, not just a cookie cutter approach to rehab. 

We specialize in helping you with your orthopedic injuries and pain. If you have low back, knee, hip, ankle, shoulder, elbow, neck pain or headaches, we are here to help you!

Even more than just regular pain, we specialize in helping the active person alleviate their pain and return to the things that they love to do most! We understand your problem, because we are movement specialists! In fact, we are even located INSIDE a fitness facility! We help runners, weight lifters, Spartans, CrossFitters, body builders, tennis players, golfers, baseball players and so many more return to the thing they love the most!

If you are having pain that keeps you from working out or makes you alter the way you are training, you need us and we want to help you! Fill out the form above or click the link below to get started today!

Why don't you take insurance?

Our world, and healthcare in particular is changing. Currently, our healthcare system is more like "sick care". The way it is set up rewards physicians and other healthcare professionals to keep you sick. Think about it, if you are healthy, doctors, pharmaceutical and insurance companies are not going to make any money. It is in their best interest to keep you sick and in the cycle. 

At Backward Arrow Physical Therapy, we want to see and be a part of a different world. This means that we don't want to play the game that the insurance companies want us to play. Rather, we want to help you to get better and get back to the life that you desire most! Insurance carriers place limits on us as practitioners. They limit the types of procedures that we can do, they limit the amount of reimbursement that we can get and all of this limits the amount of time that we spend with you, and thus, your progress. 

We believe that you should have better care. At BAPT, you will see a significant difference in the way that we treat you compared to how you are treated at other professional offices and therapy clinics. You will have a full hour in which our doctors are dedicated to you, your progress and helping you to solve your problems. You will be given a personalized and detailed home exercise program that will help you to continue to make progress so you have less pain and you are more quick to return to the things you love most. You will be guided as to your current limitations with your activities and how to best advance them in a way that maximizes the work that you are doing. In short, you will get better care and better results in a shorter amount of time. 

In many cases, you the amount that you pay can be applied as an "out-of-network" cost and can be used as a part of your deductible or even reimbursed to you if you have met your out of pocket costs! The difference is that BAPT will not be filing your insurance paperwork for do! We will even give you resources for you to file this for yourself! This allows us to continue to focus on you and your progress!

This means that your care at Backward Arrow Physical Therapy is different in the following ways:

1) Better care- One-on-one time for a full, uninterrupted hour with a doctor that specializes in your health, pain and recovery. You will not work with technician, students or any other unqualified professional!

2) Individualized plans- Your plan will look different than another person's plan because you have different needs and different goals. Using a clinic that takes insurance means that they have to focus on too many people and cannot individualize or progress your plan well. 

3) Up front pricing- You pay for your service up-front and ahead of time. No need to worry about getting another bill in the mail that you have to cover!

For us, the choice is clear! We choose putting your problem and success over what insurance companies dictate for us to do to help you! Fill out the form above and schedule a visit with us! You will immediately be able to see the difference in BAPT and any other insurance-based clinic!

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