come thrive with us

come thrive with us

Group Classes


Our fitness program provides a daily dose of challenge sprinkled with fun.
We constantly vary our workouts mixing functional cardio and weightlifting for full body results. Each class is guided by a coach dedicated to ensuring your safety. Every movement has modifications which means people of all fitness levels are welcome. This programs works by providing the workouts and support that help you accomplish your goals. The more challenges you overcome, the more your confidence grows and this confidence spreads to the rest of your life.
Pretty soon you're tackling obstacles you never dreamed of!

Improve Your:
Weight Loss

Daily Living 
Blood Pressure/Diabetes Management
Spartan Preparation

Athletic Performance


Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is a crucial part of any healthy lifestyle! Our nutrition program is designed to offer you guidance and accountability on your fitness journey. We specialize in helping you to change your habits to make better choices, organize your day and celebrate your success in your fitness journey. 

We meet with you one on one and provide guidance for what will best help you based on your current status, as well as how it will help you. This is not a cookie cutter diet! We want to see you make choices that will improve your life for the long term!

We can help you:

Lose weight

Lose fat

Gain Muscle

Reverse Diabetes

Improve Your Performance

Improve Your Gut Health



Kids need exercise too! Our children's fitness program is designed to improve body awareness, functional strength, cardiovascular fitness, social skills and  many other important areas of your developing child. 

Short Bows
Building on Foundations concepts, this program develops general physical fitness preparing children to be safe and effective in sports and life.
Ages 6 to 9

Tuesday and Thursday
4:30pm - 5:30pm 

Ages 10-16

Monday and Wednesday

4:30pm - 5:30pm 


Each session is a six weeks in duration and repeating throughout the year with a one week break between sessions for new enrollment.
The coach for the program holds a certification from CrossFit Inc. as a CrossFit Kids Coach.