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Wednesday February 8th

This is another team workout that our girls will be completing over the weekend! Let's give them some good competition to work against!

Teams of 3

15 minute AMRAP


Buy-in: 50/30 Toes-to-rings (TTR) (shared any way)


6 Rounds: (Set rotation described below) 10 Clean and jerk (C&J) (95/75) 4 Synchronized burpees over the bar (2 athletes)


6 Rounds: (Maintain rotation) 10 Thruster (65/55) 4 Synchronized burpees over the bar (2 athletes)


Remaining Time: (Maintain rotation) Max calorie row

Athlete Rotation:

4.1 Teams may break up the TTR however they choose.

4.2 Teams set their own rotation order, which MUST be maintained for the remainder of the workout.

Athlete A will move to the barbell while Athletes B and C rest behind her. Once Athlete A performs 10 C&J (no requirement for unbroken), Athlete B will join her for 4 synchronized burpees over the bar. Athlete A will then move to rest with Athlete C, while Athlete B performs 10 C&J. Once complete, Athlete C will join Athlete B for 4 synchronized burpees over the bar, and then Athlete C will complete her first set of 10 C&J. This rotation will continue until each athlete has completed 2 sets of 10 C&J (20 reps) and 4 sets of burpees (16 reps). The full rotation is outlined below for clarity.

4.3 Once the 6 full rounds of 4.2 are complete (ending with Athletes C and A completing 4 burpees), the team will strip the outer plates and advance the barbell down the lane to the thruster station. The team will complete the 6 rounds of thrusters/burpees in the same rotation as the C&J/burpees, starting with Athlete A.

4.4 Once the 6 rounds of 4.3 are complete, athletes will advance to row as many calories as possible in the remaining time. NOTE: Teams are required to maintain their rotation, meaning Athlete A MUST be the first athlete to row. Athlete B MAY NOT advance to the rower while Athletes A and C are completing the final 4 burpees of 4.3.

Teams may rotate athletes on/off the rower as often as they like, so long as the rotation is maintained.

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