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Monday February 20th

This week is a planned rest week. We will be focusing on mobility and making sure that our body is right for the Open!

We are planning on doing a "Friday Night Lights" this year for the open! This means that we will be completing the Open workout that is released on Thursday night in a competition style on Friday night. You should all plan on being at the gym on Friday because it will be a great time and fun to hang with the family that you may not normally get to see! Feel free to bring some food and beverage for after, as it will be a good time to just hang out as well. We will start at 5:30. You are welcome to complete the workout at that time! It will also be the prescribed workout if you would like to complete it on Friday morning. Finally, you will be able to complete it on Saturday as well if that works better for you. Please feel free to ask any questions either in the comments on facebook for this post, group me, or in class! I am looking forward to seeing what each of you do in the open!


Hip Mobility


2 Rounds


25 Wall Balls (20/14)

10 pullups

Rest 2 min

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