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Mind Your Manners

#1 Check your ego at the door!

This is likely a new experience and you will fail at some things. Failure is not the end unless you quit! See #2

#2 Don’t quit!

Just because you don’t get it today, doesn't mean you won't get it. Failure doesn't define you! If you don’t know, ask. We are here for you and we want to see you reach your goals!

#3 Listen to your body.

If you are having pain, let a coach know and we can modify a workout for you. You will never improve if you are hurt and on the sidelines!

#4 Effort is more important than outcome

Give full effort, the results will take care of themselves when you do.

#5 Pick up and clean the equipment that you use

PLEASE pick up and wipe down the equipment you use during workouts. This allows others to use it (without having to touch your leftover sweat) and it helps our equipment to last longer!


We want this to be the BEST time of your day! Enjoy it!

Gym Etiquette

Be on time

We realize there are a lot of demands in your life. We want this to be the best hour of your day and it would make it better for you if you can be on time. You will get much more out of your workout if you are!

Come to the community events!

Let us get to know you on a deeper level than how well you can do a thruster, snatch or pullup!

Encourage others

Everybody needs encouragement!

We can't wait to celebrate your goals with you along your journey!

Welcome again, to the CFBA family!

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