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Is this for me?

In a word, YES! CrossFit is infinitely scalable (can be modified for anyone). I've helped 70-year-old women perform the basic principles of CrossFit! They didn't even know they were doing a CrossFit workout! I was working with them as a physical therapist on improving their leg strength and endurance so they could get out of a chair and walk around their house. If they can do CrossFit, don’t you think that you can too?

A lot of the fear of CrossFit comes from the medical profession. There are doctors giving advice that don’t really understand CrossFit or how it's taught. People are generally scared of what they do not know. Since it's a relatively new exercise philosophy, a lot of the medical field is hesitant to embrace it. They cite the “excessive” injuries as a reason to avoid it, yet they are quick to help an injured athlete that plays a contact sport like football return to the field.

The reason? They know the sport and know the dangers. Many of them have simply not taken the time to understand what CrossFit is really about.

Another dose of fear of CrossFit comes from CrossFit itself. Some of the publicity of CrossFit revolves around the annual CrossFit Games. This is where the best and most freakish athletes compete to see who is the fittest on earth. They are doing unbelievable things with their bodies that might kill somebody not named Thor…. or Hulk… or Superman (you get the point).

The bottom line is that the VAST majority of people will never even attempt these movements and that is totally fine (including me!). There is no need to be able to do ring handstand pushups while balancing a partner on their head to make you better at chasing your kids or keep you looking good naked.

CrossFit is for YOU! It is for anyone who wants to be better. We are so excited that you've chosen CFBA as your home for fitness and we are eager to see what you add to our family! Please talk with any coach if you have any questions, we want to help you succeed!

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