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The Drive

I heard a rumor several years back about our gym. Someone mentioned that they work out at CrossFit Backward Arrow and the response to them was "Isn't that where you go if you want to be a competitor?"

If by "competitor" you're referring to the driven, motivated, hardworking athletes we have in this gym, then yes. You're exactly right!

I think this is probably one of the biggest misconceptions about CrossFit in general.

Yes, we time/score workouts (not as much anymore)

Yes, we use each other as encouragement to push a little harder.

Yes, we track our progress.

But the PURPOSE of this is to be better OURSELVES. We are not here to track a leaderboard or shame others for their performance.

Some days, just showing up at the gym is the win. Focus on you and your goals and you WILL improve!

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