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Better Parenting: Community Support

Ah yes...I remember it well. I was going through a tough time. I was struggling to find a way to make it work...

Every day, trying harder and harder...working to do what was needed to be sure that it happened for me. I having some friends give me some support...I remember them telling me stories about some things that they tried that worked...I remember them consoling me when it didn't work....I remember them celebrating with me when it finally did work.

Then I remember thinking...I wish I did NOT have you around for your help....

Yeah, right! Nobody says this!

There are not many people in this world that don't want the support of a close group of family and friends to help them to achieve their goals and give help for the problems that they are having. In fact, people search out the OPPOSITE of this!

However, you can stop searching! You see, in regards to the parenting realm, you have all the help you need at CrossFit Backward Arrow! The community that we have stands ready to help in so many different ways!

We offer childcare every day while you work out, we have many parents and families that can offer a supportive shoulder (they are really strong shoulders), taking the kids for a time for a date night, advice and ideas that they have done that have worked for their kids and extra love and affection for the kids when you are having a rough day!

So in reality, this way of working out works for you on deeper levels than just an improved body and mind. There are social effects that you are able to leverage to help yourself to be a better parent to the pieces of your heart that you love the most! While you may initially go to the gym to help your own body and mind, you end up taking better care of the ones you are entrusted with most to care for!

If you are needing support as a parent while you are chasing your own goals, the community at CFBA is a perfect opportunity for you to get what you need! Reach out to us here and allow us to guide you in your fitness journey, while helping you to become the best parent you can be!

Bring yours and join ours!

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