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Better Parenting: Energy

Let's face it...parenting is probably the most challenging thing you will ever do. If you are a parent...good on you! If you want to be a parent...get ready! It is so hard, but so incredibly rewarding!

In fact, being a parent is one of those tasks that you do where you get OUT of it what you put into it and maybe more!

As a parent, I know that if I can give full energy to my child, the response will be amazing! My daughter will respond to me better, listen better, make better connections with me and with others and will show love and affection better! If I can match her energy on the days that she is having a rough day, I can help her to turn it around!

But sometimes, this can be exhausting....On top of all of the mountains of things that there are to do in a day (more on that topic another time), now you are needed (and generally, want) to give more of yourself and your energy to this cute little thing that you love so much! How can it be done?!?!

The answer is exercise! On top of this, an exercise program that has you in and out in about an hour and helps you to accomplish your goals...CrossFit, specifically at CFBA!

Honestly, it seems counter can I give my energy to something when I am already giving all of my energy to something else? The answer doesn't make sense either...but spending your time and energy on exercise, gives you energy in return. With that energy, you can use it to be a better parent!

Better parenting means more responsive kids! More responsive kids means that they learn from you better and can interact with the world in a better and more productive way! Interacting with the world better means that they can make changes to the culture and society that they live and work in for the better. Changing their culture and society in positive ways means that they change the world!

So honestly, if you think about it, you exercising consistently changes the world! But if you aren't interested in changing the world around you, you can rest well knowing that you changed the world for your child, and THAT is the entire world to you!

If you are not currently the parent that you want to be, if you are wanting to give more to your child and you don't know what to do...Let our experts help you to obtain that goal! Reach out to us here and we will guide you every step of the way!

Imagine how it will feel to be the parent you have wanted to be instead of hoping for it to happen!

Bring yours, join ours!

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