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Better Parenting: Fear

There are a ton of things to be fearful of in the world today. There are too many to even name!

In the world of parenting, there are even more things to fear! Not only do you have to fear for things for you, but you have to fear how those things can then affect the person that you are here to protect and nurture! It makes me nervous just thinking about!

However, there is one fear that can be eased with regular exercise, especially CrossFit and the type of training that is offered at is the fear of failure....

Now, that seems can working out at CFBA decrease your fear of failure? I'll tell you the secret...we fail ALL THE TIME!! Literally, all the time! Our coaches actually ENCOURAGE failure!

Why would we do this?!

For multiple reasons really! First of all, failure is just an opportunity to learn! When you attempt a movement and fail in one of our classes, you have a coach that is there to help you to understand where you went wrong and what you can do to fix it! If you had never tried that movement, you wouldn't know even the first thing to do to get better at it! Failure helps you to realize how you can be better!

The same thing happens for parenting! If you don't fail something, you don't know how you can do it better! Did you have a bad interaction with your child over an issue? What can you do to make it better in the future? How can you connect with them better so that they will listen/obey and learn the lesson that they need to be a better human and adult? All of these things can be learned in a class at CFBA!

Second, the fear of failure is diminished when you are exposed to it ALL the time! I imagine that the people that first experienced flies were terribly fearful of them (maybe?)! However, with more experience and interaction, they learned that flies were not harmful and they no longer had to fear them!

The same is true of failure at CFBA! Since we are constantly and consistently exposed to stress and failure, we no longer have the same fear of failure that we once had! Since we are not afraid to fail any longer, we can get to the learning part of failure even sooner and apply what we learned to future interactions that are similar!

This idea can be carried over into parenting! So when failure is no longer a fear, you become a better parent!

Are you looking to improve how you parent? Are you wanting to live less out of fear and more fearless? Reach out to us for help and let us show you the way to the life and parenting you most want to practice!

Bring your family to join ours!

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