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Coach Knows Best: Entertainment

As we continue this series, we are talking about the benefits of having a coach to help you to achieve your goals!

While we primarily talk about applying this information in your fitness goals and routine, many of these ideas can be applied in areas outside of fitness as well!

Many times, when I talk to people that are "lost" in their fitness journey, they tell me about how bored they are in their current routine. They talk about how they do the same thing over and over again (see the last post: Brainless). However, they also talk about not having any fun.

A good coach can make even some boring and monotonous activities fun and more entertaining just by being there! However, a great one will make it entertaining and motivating even on the worst days!

As you get to know them and they get to know you, they should learn and know what makes you tick. How to get a little more out of you, how to push you and what inside jokes you might have together that can make it all more fun and entertaining for you!

The best coaches make you WANT to perform the activities that you are not interested in. They have found a way to make it more entertaining or tolerable for you to perform these activities and get the most out of you, for you!

Making it entertaining is a great way to get you to do the things that you need most to succeed! If you are showing up consistently, you are more likely to achieve your goals. When you are achieving your goals, you are likely to be healthier and happier in your life!

Need some entertainment in your workouts? Want to have more fun when you work out? Tired of dreading going to the gym? Maybe it is time for a coach of your own! Let us help you! Reach out to us here to get started on your journey and see how we can help you to get to where you want to be!

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