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Evaluation- The Next Step

This week, we have been talking about how to start a new routine!

By this point, we have already researched our new routine, formulated a plan and implemented it. 

Now it is time to evaluate your plan. Is it working for you? What problems are you having? What other changes do you need to make? What ways can you make it work better for you?

No plan survives first contact with the "enemy" so it is important to realize that your initial plan will likely have some downfalls to it. If it doesn't, your goal may not have been big enough! Aim higher! You deserve more!

Be open to an honest evaluation of your plan and your results towards your goals during your first attempt! The only way that you can continue to improve is to make the changes that will continue to allow you to be consistent with your new routine!

With this evaluation in mind, make an adjustment to your plan. Make changes that are going to make you more consistent and more successful with your plan. The key to adding ANY new routine to your life is to make it something that happens consistently over time!

Remember, CONSISTENCY is more important than perfection! If you will consistently follow your plan, you will find the life you are looking for!

Need help with your exercise routine? Need adjustments in your current routine to let you be more consistent or successful? Reach out to us here today to start living the life you desire most!

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