Get a Raise: Connections (the other kind)

If I handed you $100 with no questions asked and nothing for you to do, you would take it....I'm sure Jeff Bezos wouldn't pass up THAT opportunity!

In this series, we have been talking about how CrossFit can help you to earn more money, especially at work!

Today, we are talking about the connections that you make in a CrossFit gym. Now most businesses are based on connections and helping the connections that you have. But there is another form of connection that can help you tremendously as well!

First of all, working out in a CrossFit gym like CrossFit Backward Arrow places many new and different connections in your life. These connections may help you directly at work. For example, at CFBA, we have a member that is an insurance agent. This allows him to have contact with a multitude of people that ALL have insurance needs (home, life, auto, renters and more!). Additionally, this allows those that need the help to also have a connection in that realm. Both parties win and it is a fantastic opportunity.

Additionally, we have a member that is a real-estate agent. He has come to the gym and made connections with people that have been buying and selling property and is actually the only agent that another member will use when he is flipping houses! This benefits both parties tremendously and both do well to advance in their financial health!

But an ability to this often unthought of is how many different people you will meet in a CrossFit gym. At CFBA, we have a large variety of ethnic, racial, cultural, socioeconomic and social backgrounds. Making connections with each of these people will give you a leg up in the outside world! You will be better able to relate to someone that is different than you because you have spent time relating to them in the walls of CFBA on a daily basis!

Being able to relate to these connections allows you to improve your connections at work and sets you up well for advancement!

So if you are looking to advance in the workplace, we want to help you to achieve that goal and we know how to do it! Reach out to us here and let us show you the ways that you can improve your standing at work and help you to get closer to the financial freedom that you desire!

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