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Get a Raise: Maximizing Time and Effort

We are all chasing something. Most of us are chasing a goal of improved financial health and stability.

While there are many different reasons that people are chasing this, for most of us, this is an honorable race to run. At CrossFit Backward Arrow, we want to help you run it better!

Over the years at CFBA, we have seen many people get a raise, improve their standing at work and bring home more bacon (hormone free, of course)! We want to help you to do that too!

With CrossFit workouts, we work hard to either finish the assigned work as quickly as we can (with good safety always) or to fit as much work as we can into a given amount of time (safety first)! Now many people look at us and giggle, and that is ok. But what we are doing is learning how to maximize our time and effort.

If my goal is to try to get this set amount of work done faster, don't you think that can carry over into other realms?... The answer is yes!

If I have some TPS forms to fill out, I want to fill them out as quickly and accurately as I can so that I can move on to other things! This is one of the tennants of CrossFit and it carries over into other parts of our lives. When I am able to get more done than my coworker, then I am likely to have higher productivity and be able to get the raise!

The same holds true in another fashion! If I am able to squeeze more work into the same time frame as my coworkers, then I am likely to be noticed for my good work and receive the promotion! Think about it like this...if you are going to build your house and you are looking at two companies that will have the same quality of work, but one can get it done significantly faster, which will you choose? Ultimately, your employer is looking for this, too!

Are you tired of being passed over for a new position? Do you want to improve the way that you are seen in your employer's eyes? Are you looking to improve your financial freedom by earning more money? We want to help you!

Reach out to us here and let us show you how we can help you to earn more money!

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