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Get Out of the Gym!

This week, we are going to focus on something a little different than what we might normally focus on! We are going to talk about ways that you can express your fitness OUTSIDE of the walls of a gym!

I am talking about the things that you can do for some extra fun, that you will have more fun with when you are more fit!

This is an important part of your fitness! If you are constantly in the gym, you may never realize just how fit you are, how far you have come, or you may be missing some extra fun in your life!

The first way to take your fitness outside of the gym is to play a sport or a contest!

When I say this, I'm talking about a sport that is different than what you do in the gym consistently. For example, I perform CrossFit! I love CrossFit! Find out more of why in this series!

However, when I am talking about playing a sport or contest, what I should NOT do consistently is go to a CrossFit competition. Instead, I should play a new or different sport! I also love to play racquetball! I should go do that, instead of continuing to do what I consistently do in the gym!

Doing this can help me to see how far I have really come, as well as provide a fresh new perspective on how much fun it can be to do other things!

There are so many things that you can do to express your fitness outside of the gym! Let me list a few for you to try:

  • Run a race (not for runners!)

  • Play in a softball league

  • Play tennis/racquetball/badminton/pickle ball

  • Play in a flag football league

  • Play in a recreational basketball league

  • Go play some watersports (water ski/tubing/surfing/paddleboarding/kayaking)

  • Go skiing/snowboarding/tubing

  • Play some other new sport or something you haven't done in a while!

These are just a few ideas! There are so many more out there that can be an absolute blast to do while you are with others or even alone!

Try this out! You will be surprised at how much it can also motivate you to be in the gym and working hard in that way as well! This may be a good week to try something new!

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