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How CrossFit Saves Marriages: Community

As we continue to see stress in our relationships, much of which has been applied by the worldwide pandemic that we are living through, many are folding.

This series is talking about the benefits of CrossFit in your marriage and how it can actually save a marriage as well as strengthen a sound one!

Today we are talking about a community that is helping you!

CrossFit communities are unlike any other. Our community at CFBA is a wonderful mix of people... young and old(er), different races, backgrounds, ethnicities, occupations, education backgrounds and so many other qualifiers.

When these communities come together, you often find a group of different people all pulling in the same common direction....they are pulling to get better together. While that may look different to the individuals (weight loss, strength gain, overall health, reduce chronic disease etc,.) the ultimate goal is that everyone in the community is striving to get better in some way.

When you have so many people that are pulling in the same direction, you find that they support that you gain from the community is increased ten-fold from what a single couple can do for themselves.

Let's use an example...

Recently, one of the girls that has attended CFBA was moving from an apartment into a house with her soon-to-be spouse. This girl needed help moving...the community came out and supported her and her fiancé to be able to do FAR more than they could have done alone.

This type of support may have reduced stress between the couple, eliminated some arguments (who DOESN'T argue during a move?!?!) and helped the couple to get settled into their new home far faster than they would have been able to alone.

This type of support (and decrease in adversity) can create strong feelings and bonds within a couple. Bonds that can withstand other adversity that may be presented in this crazy journey called life!

This is just ONE story in MANY that are just at CFBA!

At CFBA, we support marriages and families! We want to help you to achieve your individual goals, but we also want to support you in your marriage! We know (and science shows) that personal relationships hold a key to happy and healthy lives!

Are you looking for some support for your marriage? We want to help! Reach out to us here and let our community show you how supporting your marriage can make it stronger!

Bring yours, join ours!

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