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How CrossFit Saves Marriages: "Relations"

The world is in a state of chaos...worldwide pandemics, political and social unrest run rampant in our time. This crazy time puts stress on all of us, but can affect the most close of relationships...your marriage.

During this series, we have been talking about how CrossFit saves marriages! I'm talking about the things that I have seen and witnessed inside the walls of CFBA, I know that there are other stories out there that would attest to the same.

Today we are talking about the physical changes that can occur with training together in CrossFit...the ones that everyone can see...and generally ENJOYS seeing, especially those of the opposite sex...your spouse...are you picking up what I am putting down? I'm laying it on pretty thick...

You see, physical changes usually occur with the type of training that we do. This could look like losing weight, improving muscle tone and becoming stronger in general. Ultimately, most people report that they feel more confidence...they feel better in their own skin. This type of confidence can lead to improved..."relations"...

Improved relations can help with the connection that partners feel with each other! And in this crazy world, we are ALL looking for more connection. Finding it in the person that you love most is the way to continue to stay close, even during the wildest times!

Don't believe me, read about more of it here! Keep in mind, this was a survey that was completed, so the viewpoints are of those that completed the survey. However, hear the underlying tone in their message...they feel more confident, they have more energy and stamina and enjoy their bed play time more!

Now put yourself in their situation...would you like to feel more confident, have more energy and stamina and be able to express that better with your spouse? Then CrossFit may be a way for you to experience more of that with your partner!

At CFBA, our goal is to help families to live longer, better and healthier lives! We want to be the place that helps to fill your life with joy and health!

So if you are looking to improve your own relationship with your spouse or significant other, CFBA is the place for you! Come see how we can help you in your relationship! Reach out to us here to get started today!

Bring yours, join ours!

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