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How CrossFit Saves Marriages: Shared Suffering

We live in interesting times. Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread and threaten more people, businesses and communities. During this time, there has been an inordinate amount of stress and pressure that has been placed on relationships and families.

Frequently, you hear that more and more couples and families are splitting. The reasons why are not surprising when you think about it. People often feel differently about a particular topic...this may cause a rift in their relationship and lead to unpleasant feelings about their spouse.

Over the years, I have been blessed to speak with many couples that have come to CFBA in search of fitness. However, what I have frequently heard is that they found so much more than fitness....they found their marriage again!

One way that these couple can rekindle their relationship is through "shared suffering". Some couples think that they are already "suffering" enough, why add more?!?! This is an interesting concept to some, so let me explain.

You often hear about how people that played varsity sports in high school become like family. Many times they say that they are playing for the person next to them...that they have a bond that makes them like brothers or sisters. This comes through shared suffering!

The travel, workouts, games, locker rooms and stories that they all shared and lived through allowed them to form close bonds. Many times, you will see groups of these people meet up years later and it is like they never were apart!

Consider the military. Again, we hear that the people that have fought together, trained together, eaten together and have been through some of the most horrendous scenes together feel like they are a family. They feel an inseparable bond with the others that connects them and makes them feel close, even during the worst times.

This shared suffering forms the glue for the bond they have!

So, if couples that CrossFit together continue to be exposed to situations in which they "share suffering" together, they are likely to form those bonds as well, especially when they find they made it through to the other side together! Giving couples this opportunity together strengthens their bond and is likely to make them feel closer and more connected in other areas of life!

Ultimately, when this bond is strong, couples are less likely to consider or pursue a split and are more likely to want to work together in other parts of their marriage!

At CrossFit Backward Arrow, we want to be a place where families can grow stronger! We want to be able to lead couples through experiences that will make them more resilient! Come see for yourself! When you share an experience like we provide on a consistent basis with your significant other, you may just find yourself feeling the same feelings that athletes and our military feel!

Want to know more? Reach out to us here and let us show you how to make your marriage stronger!

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