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How CrossFit Saves Marriages: Support

As we continue to be tossed in an unbelievable part of our life, many marital relationships are being tossed around as well. This pandemic has had an unbelievable affect on our society, but more importantly our relationships.

Research has shown that one of the most important predictors of longevity and quality of life is the number of close, personal relationships that a person has. You can read some details of that study here (the study has been going on for more than 80 years!!). So with all of the importance of healthy relationships and their affect on longevity and happiness, we should be focusing on how we can make those important relationships even better!

*CrossFit has entered the chat...

Now, how can you say that CrossFit makes better marriages?! Because I have seen it...with my own eyes. I have seen relationships change and I have seen how it can bind couples together even closer.

One way that it binds is through support for goals. When couples participate in CrossFit together, they feel supported by the other in deeper and more meaningful ways. To feel that their significant other is participating in this activity WITH them, makes them feel held up in ways that they may not feel outside of the gym.

Many times, these couples are even pursuing a common goal might be weight loss, becoming a better parent...preparing for an experience that they have been wanting to do together like a trip...but supporting each other makes the other feel that they can count on them when times are tough!

I have seen the other side of this coin as well, unfortunately. When one partner participates in a CrossFit community and the other is resistant to support it, it can weigh on the relationship. This makes it difficult for the partner to complete workouts, community activities and goal pursuit like they would if they had more support from their significant other!

At CFBA, we support families and couples and their goals! But even more than that, we support families and spouses to build relationships that can positively affect health and longevity!

Are you looking for support? Consider bringing your spouse to a CrossFit community! Do you want to feel what this support can be like for you? Reach out to us here and let us show you and your significant other the way to achieve your goals and help you to feel fulfilled in your relationship along the way!

We want you to bring yours to join ours!

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