How CrossFit Saves Marriages: Time Well Spent

During this crazy time in our lives (you know...worldwide pandemic...), we are finding more and more that relationships are being tested. Divorce lawyers are busier than ever...

People that are in a relationship together may be finding that they are not spending any time together, despite being "together" all day long! While they are in the same place, at the same time, they are not "together".

One way that CrossFit has saved marriages, is providing a fun place for couples to spend together! At CFBA, we have had couples leave their kids with us (we have FREE CHILDCARE in the evenings) and say that they have had a "date night" 5 nights a week!

This time together can help couples to laugh, smile, have some fun and see their significant other work hard. All of these create feelings of connection and desire associated with their partner. These feelings can also outshine the negative ones that seem to be surrounding us now in our current social, political, financial and personal climates!

Additionally, time away from kidlets pulling on you and screaming your name can help you to reset! Feeling like you can relax...turn off...put your mind at ease is also going to help you and your partner to connect! Think of it as having the healthiest glass of wine with your partner as your kids are away for a while...but you can have it every night of the week!

Honestly, who WOULDN'T want a fun date with their favorite person in the world EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK?!?! If you feel like you are needing this, then it sounds like a CFBA date night is in order for you!

Don't just take our word for it! Listen to Hayley and Jonathan talk about how it has helped them!

At CrossFit Backward Arrow, we care about families! We want to see them strong and healthy and growing together! We want you to bring yours to join ours!

If you are ready to strengthen your family and your marriage, reach out to us here! We want to help you to be the best that you can be!

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