How to Avoid Disease- Eat Right

This week, we are talking about the steps that you can take to avoid almost ANY disease!

Yesterday, we talked about staying fit as an important deterrent to disease. Today, I want to talk about the importance of a good diet and proper nutrition as a deterrent to disease.

The vast majority of health is based on how you fuel your body. Virtually everything comes down to the food that you eat! It forms the basis for the fuel that your body uses for energy and work, to the hormones that are used in how you feel (cortisol, thyroxin and estrogen/testosterone for example), as well as the neurotransmitters that are used in your brain (dopamine, seratonin and others)! ALL of these chemicals in your body are based on the food that you eat!

When you consider that a HUGE portion of your immune system is located in your guts, the food that you directly put onto these cells can seriously affect the health that you have.

You may know, there is a ton of bacteria in your stomach and intestines. Many of these are good, but some are not so good! If you feed the good bacteria what they need, while starving the bad, you are likely to have good health! However, if the opposite is true, you may notice it in the form of increased illness and general poor feeling!

So how do you know what to eat? How do you know what will help and hurt?

The best way is to follow the diet that our ancestors ate! Our ancestors ate a lot of meat (including organ meat!), vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruit as the main portion of their diet! When you consider their overall health, most scientists and historians would agree that they did not have the health problems that we have today!

They didn't have the obesity that contributes to so many chronic diseases (diabetes, heart disease, cancer and others). If they were able to survive the onslaught of viruses and diseases that we have significantly reduced with our modern medicine and vaccines, they could live a life well into their 70s and be productive for most of that!

Eating this way can also help to ensure that we are feeding the good bacteria and starving the bad so that our health and immune system remain strong for a lifetime!

Want to make a change? Try this out!

  • Eat 1-2 MORE servings of vegetables everyday

  • Work to eat at least 2 servings of protein (preferably lean) per day and keep them as natural as possible!

  • Drink only water or unsweetened tea or black coffee when you are thirsty

Do this consistently and see how much better you feel, but also how much less frequently you are sick!

Want to know more? Still have questions? Feel free to contact us here for more information or to set up a time to speak with an expert that can help you to stay healthier this holiday season and for a lifetime to come!

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