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How to Avoid Disease- Sleep

As we continue our series on how to avoid disease, today we are going to talk about sleep!

As we continue through our crazy world, we continue to find a society that praises the more poor decisions that we can make in our day to day life! A lack of sleep is certainly one of those that falls into this category!

Our society praises industriousness at all costs, and many times, that cost is your sleep! But what does that mean for you for your health?

It means that you are set up for failure going forward! Research has shown that chronic sleep loss is tied to increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, obesity and even anxiety! Additionally, this can also affect your ability to appropriately respond to other diseases like flu, coronavirus and other seasonal and acute illnesses.

Think about it...every time you get sick, what is the thing that finally gets you to feeling better???... It's that time that you sleep for 12 straight hours!!! Then you do it again for another 12 hours and you finally feel like a human again!

Experts suggest that we get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep every night! While there are a very small percentage of people that can get by with less than this, chances are, you are not the .001% that falls into this category!

This sounds like so much and you feel that you have no time for this. But, if you think about it, you really don't have the time that it takes to be sick either! Not only do you not have the time to be sick, but you likely don't want to cough up the expense of medication, doctor's visits and missed time at work!

All of these sound like good reasons to set a priority for sleep for yourself to insure your good health and longevity as you go forward!

Want to do better? Try this!

  • Set a time to go to sleep and start your bedtime routine at least an hour (2 is better!) before

  • Work to stop blue light exposure on your screen during this time

  • Have a set routine. This will get your brain ready for sleep. Work to do the same things at the same time frame each night!

We all can do better in this area, even me! This can get much better when we make it a priority and stick to it for our health and wellness!

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