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It Takes a Village: Accountability

There are so many ways to meet your fitness goals in this world. You can choose anything from at home workouts, personal training, training alone in a gym, group classes, online classes, running clubs and many more.

The truth is, all of them CAN work! It merely depends on how well you adhere to them.

However, in this series, we are going to discuss why group-based training is best! Why you can get the best results training in a group and why you should be training in a group right now!

The first major reason that group training works is accountability! Accountability is defined as an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions. Simply put, you will have someone expecting a legitimate answer for why you are not attending group training sessions.

Now if this sounds like a bad thing, it is not! We should all have accountability in many different areas of our life! Many times, it keeps us moving in a direction! In this case, most people don't want to answer or face judgement for missing an opportunity to train, so they just attend the gym instead of giving in to whatever excuse they may have for not showing up!

Accountability helps to create consistency, and consistency helps to create results in the positive direction!

I get to talk with MANY people about their goals and hopes for themselves and their lives. When I ask why they want to make a change and work out in a group, almost without hesitation, they talk about the accountability that group training provides!

And, inevitably, they will show up to group classes consistently and be able to achieve their goals more completely than they have in the past without group training! It is an amazing thing to watch and it is so much fun to see!

So if you are continually struggling for ways to achieve your goals and feel that you continue to fail because you can't seem to stick to it, maybe you are lacking the accountability that groups may provide for you!

If you are looking for a group to reach your goals with, reach out to us here and let us help you to find one!

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