It Takes a Village: Better Health

This series, we are talking about group training and why it may be the best way for you to accomplish your goals!

Today we are talking about the improved health benefits of groups and communities...let me explain more.

We have been told all of our lives that you can live longer by eating healthy, exercising and reducing stress. Avoid things that cause problems for us like smoking, sugar, high stress jobs and other choices that bring more problems than benefits.

But, what if I told you that studies are showing that there is something else that is even more beneficial to you than exercise and a healthy diet (not that those are unimportant!)...

Research is showing that close personal relationships are as beneficial to your longevity as healthy choices in your life. It shows that good, social connections can provide health benefits and increase your longevity in this world. It shows that loneliness is toxic to your health. All of this is coming from a study from Harvard that has gone on since 1938!

This is ground-breaking information and can help us! So, how is group training a solution to this problem?! Great question, I'm so glad you asked!

Group training is different for a variety of reasons. First of all, you have a "shared suffering". Usually, this is in the form of tough workouts or situations that have been endured together. This type of bond is something that you might see for people who played sports together or went through military training or deployments together. The shared experience of training or situations builds a bond that is not understood well unless you have been through it yourself!

Second, group training many times pits you against a "common enemy". This enemy may be the coach that is leading the class, the guy that wrote the workout or someone else that the group may be trying to catch or beat! While this is not an actual enemy, it can definitely feel that way and it helps to create the bonds that you can find among those that share in these experiences as well.

So if you are forming bonds and sharing experiences with these people, many times, you will hang out together outside of your training times. This can be at birthday parties, drinks, and other get togethers. When you hang out, you are sharing more experiences and building further bonds that can aid in your overall health!

So you see, with training in a group, you actually have the chance to improve your overall health and longevity FAR beyond what you are doing with the exercise that you are performing in the group itself!

If you are looking to truly improve your longevity, group training may actually hold the key to what you desire most! Honestly, I think most of us would love to live into our 90s and be happy, healthy and strong as we do so! Group training may hold the keys to that!

Need to find a group so you can live longer?! Let us help! Reach out to us here and let us get you acclimated to our groups! The rest of your life may be depending on it!

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