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It Takes a Village: Celebration

This series, we are discussing why group training may be the most optimal training for you to achieve your goals!

Today we are talking about celebrations!

This is a strange topic, but hear me out!

It is so important to celebrate big milestones! We celebrate the birth of a person every year! It is a way to commemorate who they are and make them feel loved and appreciated! We celebrate a multitude of holidays that are there to commemorate an event or happening in the past. Holidays add value to our lives and enrich us as humans.

When we celebrate, we like to get together with people! We like to have cookouts...we like to have beverages...we like to laugh and have fun! It is important!

Picture are working hard to reach a goal..any goal! We will just say that you are wanting to run a mile in less than 10 have been up so much in pursuit of this goal. Today you are running a mile to see how fast you can do give it your all!

You cross the finish line and look at the time...9:52...9:52!!!! You did it! You jump up in the air! You are so excited! You give a little holler! You look around...and you are the only one...

Now picture the same are running with a group...your goal is 10 minutes...

You look at the time when you cross and you see 9:35 (read here for why it is faster this time!). You are excited! You did it! You look around and there is a group of people to celebrate with you! To make you feel so proud of all of your hard work! It feels like this...

You like this want to feel this again! You decide that you have a new goal...9:00 minute mile and you are motivated to keep going!

You see, being with the group is not the reason that you had the goal, but it sure can celebrate with you and enrich your life when you reach it! With this motivation and celebration, you are ready to push tackle the next obstacle knowing that you have a great group with you and beside you to help you to get the next one too!

This is an often forgotten aspect of group training, but it is one reason why I know that the success that happens so much at CFBA happens! Celebrations are key and if you are not celebrating your wins with others that have the same aspirations that you do, then you are not doing it quite right!

If you want to feel the way that Roy Williams feels (the coach in the second GIF!) then you need to come to CFBA! Our community is just looking for a reason to celebrate with you today! Reach out to us here for more information and to start planning your celebrations today!

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