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It Takes a Village: Fun!

With so many fitness philosophies out there (personal training, pilates, at-home workouts, etc.,) what is the best thing for you to do to accomplish your fitness goals?

In this series, we have been talking about why group training (and especially CrossFit classes) are your best bet for accomplishing your goals!

Today we are talking about the FUN you can have in CrossFit group training classes! Because let's face it, exercise is hard...chasing your goals is hard...but if you can make it more fun, then you are MUCH more likely to keep with it!

Additionally, ANYTHING done in a group of friends is going to be more fun!

Picture this, you are lost in the clue where you are or what you are doing. You are barefoot and walking through hurt...every step is are hot and tired and uncomfortable... You look around and there is not a soul in sight... (Keep in mind, in this scenario, there is NO RISK of will survive and you will be fine!) How do you feel?

Now, picture the exact same thing, but place your best friend next to you... How do you feel now? Chances are, you feel at least a LITTLE better!

Now, picture the exact same thing, but place your 6 best friends in the same scenario with you... Now I'm guessing that you feel A LOT better and might even be having some laughs and giggles about the things that are happening to you all...someone says or does something funny that lightens the mood! It makes it a story that you will likely tell for years to come now, instead of some horrible experience!

You see, THAT is what it is like to work out in a group, especially at CFBA! These are the times that amazing and hilarious stories are made! These are the times that you remember for the better and these are the times that keep you coming back for more! You come back for more, regardless of how "terrible" you feel while you are doing the work!

This type of consistency is what is going to help you to get the results that you want most! This is the difference between those that achieve the goals that they want and those that don't...consistency...progress... NOT perfection!

So if you are tired of trudging along in a desert all by yourself, or you are wanting to see what it is like to actually have fun during a workout, reach out to us here and let us show you the fun you can have with it all!

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