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It Takes a Village: Push It

In this series, we are discussing the benefits of group training. While group training is not for everyone, it can be an amazing way to help you to achieve the goals that you want most, especially regarding your fitness!

Today we are talking about the added intensity that often comes from a group!

This is a HUGE benefit of group training! It is always nice to have a little external push for yourself! Picture are at the gym...on a treadmill...doing what you have always done...walking or running at 4.0...After a little while, someone who looks like you comes up on the treadmill next to you and goes the same speed. You seem happy that you are matching them, until...they bump their speed up to 4.2...

What?! There is NO WAY that this person is going to go faster than dare they?! So you...because you were planning to all along, bump your speed up to 4.5..."that'll show them," you think in your head as you breathe harder...

But, as they were planning to all along, after a few minutes, bump up to 4.7...running faster and working harder than your new speed! "Not a chance," you think as you bump up to a cool 5.0...running faster than you EVER have on the treadmill! You are pumped! You just SEE the pounds falling off of you as you keep going...working harder than you ever have!

You finish your workout and you are breathing harder than you ever are sweating more than you ever did are feeling more proud than ever before as well!

You see, even the least competitive person, still doesn't want to finish "dead last". Rather than finish last, they will push a little harder! When you push a little harder, you get a little more out of yourself. When you get that little extra from and for yourself, you can start to see your body changing and growing!

For your body to change, you have to give it a stimulus that is more or different than what you have given it in the past. The easy way to do that is with an increase in intensity. This can be done in groups relatively easily due to the social and competitive nature of humans because NO ONE wants to be the low person on the totem pole!

If you are looking for that little extra push, group training may be a great way to do that! It might be in the form of a Zumba class, a running club or a CrossFit class. Whatever the choice, it may help you to reach levels that you had previously thought as unreachable!

If you feel this may be right for you, but you don't know where to go, reach out to us here! We would love to help you find a group, even if it is not with us! We want to see you reach your goals and be a happier and healthier human!

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