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Making a Plan

This week, we are talking about how to implement a new task or activity into your daily routine!

Today I want to talk about making a plan. 

Yesterday we talked about researching your new activity, today we want to use the information that we gathered to help us in making a plan to continue forward. 

Based on your information gathered, what plan can you come up with? Usually, the plan will involve some type of time commitment, frequency, or duration. How will this fit into my day? How can I make this fit into my week?

Look for potential pitfalls that may trip you there something that frequently trips you up? Is it work obligations that run long? Is it a lack of support from family or friends? Is it a certain craving that you frequently run into?

Looking ahead and making a plan is the way that you can ensure that your new routine will be more successful!

Here's what you can do:

    -Look at your daily routine. How can you change your daily routine to accomodate for your new habit?

    -Look at your weekly routines. How can you ensure that your new activity can fit into this new routine? Do you need to give something else up? Do you need to move things around?

Keep this in mind....very few plans survive first contact with the "enemy". You will likely have some trouble. This does not mean to quit! It is just an opportunity for you to make more changes!

Need help with a plan? Feeling overwhelmed? Have questions and don't know how to solve them? Reach out to us here today to let one of our experts help!

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