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Miracle-Gro for Kids: Food

We live in interesting and crazy times! Our world continues to be embroiled in a worldwide pandemic that has people fearing for their own health and safety.

Research is showing that the most at-risk population are those that have obesity and diabetes. This means that the disease is affecting them more severely, they are having longer effects and worse outcomes from their hospitalizations.

But, what if we could stop this process before it begins? What if we can change the healthcare, starting with our kids? What if we can truly practice HEALTHcare and not sick care?

This week, we are talking about how to grow kids into healthy, strong and well developed kids that can survive any perceived threat!

We are starting with the fuel that we put into their bodies! A plane cannot fly without fuel...but more importantly, the RIGHT fuel! What I'm talking about is that you can put 87 octane fuel in an airplane, but it will not fly...

The same is true for our bodies and our kids. If we are putting poor fuel into our kids and then asking them to fly, we are asking for a crash! They will not be able to sustain what they need and they will crash.

Problems will arise that include being overweight or obese, type II diabetes, social and behavioral problems and many other issues. No parent really wants this for their kids! But how do we change it?!...

Feeding kids the RIGHT fuel is paramount to their health and success!

But there is so much information and misinformation out there! How do I know what is right? My suggestion is simple, if it has a label, it is probably trying to sell you something...this means they want to make it taste better and CLAIM that it is healthy.

Instead, let's look for items that have been around for generations! There is not a new and cutting edge apple that is just hitting the market, like there is some amazing drink, snack or food every week!

Stick to this:

Eat Real Food

Meats- As natural as possible

Veggies- As natural as possible

Nuts- Watch out for allergies


Fruit- As natural as possible

Not too much of it

Mostly plants

Eating food like this (yes, this simply) can set our kids up for success for so much more than their health! Their social skills, behavior, cognitive and physical well-being is being developed from the food they are taking in!

If you still have more questions, that is ok! We want to help! Reach out to us here and let us help you to apply the right "Miracle-Gro" to your child and watch them sprout into something amazing! Our specialized kids program can help you to do just that!

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