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Miracle-Gro For Kids: Impact

We live in a wild time! We have never imagined living through a worldwide pandemic!

However, if someone had told you when you were a child that you could prevent all of this, what would you have said?... Actually, you as a child would have probably declined the opportunity to make yourself healthier and more immune to problems...

But...what would your parents have said? guess is that they would have wanted to prepare you as best as they could for the upcoming storm that we are all living through!

That is our goal with this prepare our kids for the NEXT pandemic (because it is coming!).

We have talked about nutrition, training and strengthening. Today, we are talking about impact.

Impact is a hugely important part of fitness that is overlooked by many. In fact, most fitness professionals actually look to AVOID impact!

So what makes me so different?!

The key is that impact actually helps to strengthen and form your bones! This means that your bones can actually get harder and better able to absorb impact during daily activities. If you don't have strong bones, you are a walking disaster and can be seriously injured at every corner! This is no way to live!

If you are looking to help your child avoid problems like osteopenia and osteoporosis, then impact is one way that you can set them up for a lifetime of health and success!

But, most parents don't know what to do, even if your kids will listen to you...That's where we want to help! We want to show your kids how they can be healthy and happy for a lifetime.

If you don't know what to do, but want to set your kids up for success and health, reach out to us here! We have a specialized kids program that can help you and your child! We LOVE to help kids and want to have fun doing it!

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