Miracle-Gro for Kids: Strength

As we continue to navigate our world, there are so many things to consider about how we can PREVENT the current state of affairs that we live in.

Research has shown that those with the highest likelihood of serious complications and hospitalizations from COVID-19 are those that are overweight, obese or have diabetes. While it is a difficult task to reverse the situation that we are in right now (not impossible! more on that another time!), we can think ahead and set our kids up for better success in handling the next pandemic (because it will happen again) better than the current one!

It starts with better HEALTH care for our kids and not the current sick care that we have!

Earlier in this series, we talked about the importance of a healthy nutrition plan and training. Today, we are talking about why strength training is important!

While there are many different types of fitness, the ones that advocate for good muscle mass and building have the highest likelihood to be beneficial long term.

When many of us think about fitness, we often picture a marathon runner...a swimmer...a triathlete or long distance biker (think Schwinn, not Harley). While cardiovascular fitness is important, negating muscle and avoiding building muscle is a dangerous proposition that can lead to problems later in life.

Having a well built and large supply of muscle mass helps to burn more fat, reduce the incidence of disease, decrease the likelihood of chronic disease and help with ability in a variety of areas. When we have more muscle than fat, we have a much better opportunity for health even during a pandemic!

Just like with training, strength takes time and conscious effort to build and does not come by just playing or remaining active. To build muscle, you must consistently and consciously work to improve your ability to lift more weight or do it for more repetitions.

This can be tough if you don't know what to do, if your child doesn't know what to do (most don't) or if your child doesn't want to listen to you (they don't ever want to listen to mom or dad!). That is where we want to help!

We specialize in helping your child to train and build muscle and strength in a fun and engaging way that keeps you from having to coach or teach them, preserving the peace in your home!

Reach out to us here and let us help take care of your child's needs for health and wellness! We want them better equipped to handle a pandemic than we have been! Our specialized kids program can help you to do just that!

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