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Miracle-Gro for Kids: Training

During this wild time of our lives, when our world is still in the grip of worldwide pandemic, one question that I ask is, "How can we PREVENT this from happening again?"

I believe that we already know the answer, but it just does not involve a vaccine...this involves changing a part of who we think we are!

Research is showing that the greatest risk of hospitalization and poor outcome from COVID-19 is those that are overweight, obese and have diabetes. This week, we are talking about how we can PREVENT this from becoming a problem again, starting with our kids!

Today, we are talking about exercise for kids. Now, lots of us think that our kids get exercise...but I would tend to disagree. While our kids are active they may not be getting exercise!

Being active just means that you are moving. Our kids are moving, but many times there is not a specific purpose to their movement. They may be wandering...they may be walking home from school...they may be playing...but this is a little different than exercise.

Exercise is a little more intentional. Exercise is more challenging...elevated heart rate...challenging muscles...stamina...endurance and other key components of fitness. With activity, this can be stopped at the moment that they feel uncomfortable. With exercise, this is sustained for a longer period of time!

Even more than exercise, training is exercise with a very specific purpose. It may be training to be able to endure more running, lift more hefty objects or any even losing weight! I think you can see that this is quite different than just being active.

So...what can you do? How do you set your kids up for more success than you had? How can we PREVENT this pandemic from being something that they will have to endure in their lifetime?

Have your child participate in AT LEAST 30 minutes of exercise or training 3-5 times per week.

That's it! It is that simple!

However, sometimes it is not that simple! What do you have them do? Where do they go? What will be safe yet challenging for them?

That's where we want to help! Reach out to us today at and let us help you to improve the life of your kids! We want them to be healthy enough to avoid any of the current pandemic that we are in or any other for their future and our specialized kids program can help them to do just that!

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