Movements You Should Avoid: Leg Extensions

This week, we are talking about movements you should avoid!

Yesterday we talked about avoiding front and lateral shoulder can read about why here.

Today, we are talking about leg extensions. There are two main reasons you should avoid this movement. First, this machine can put your knees in a compromised position, increasing your risk of injury and pain. Second, there are more efficient ways to train your quads and work other muscles simultaneously...a double whammy!

As a physical therapist, I get to help a lot of people. I frequently see people that are having pain and even see some people that are having pain while trying to stay fit and AVOID pain. This is one of those times!

Some people have knee pain while doing leg extensions. This happens at times because the compressive load of moving your leg in this way can cause your kneecap to rub on the bones next to it. This can cause some significant pain for some! It may also contribute to actually rubbing away the protective lining (cartilage) on your bones that keep you pain free!

If you are having pain in your knees with this movement, you should consider decreasing the load that you are moving or even stopping this movement altogether.

Still want to train your quads but don't want to hurt? Consider adding other movements to your exercise program like squats, lunges, step ups and other movements that train not only your quads, but other muscles at the same time! Using more muscles at the same time (with the correct form) can help you to burn more energy (creating leaner bodies), and having bigger muscles (creating better looking bodies) will keep you safer (less injuries). Who wouldn't want that!?!

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P.S.- Need more help know what to do and what to avoid? Reach out to us here! We are ready to help you to accomplish your goals with safe and effective coaching!