Movements You Should Avoid: Machine Rotations

This week, we are talking about movements that you should avoid doing in the gym. These are movements that put you at a higher risk of injury, or have less of a return on your effort! Either way, they are movements that you should consider replacing with others!

Today we are talking about machine rotations. This is a movement in which you often sit on a machine and select a weight or resistance that you want to add. At this point, you will often rotate your upper or lower body right or left. The idea is that this movement will train your abs and obliques (it does) but the problem is that it puts a HUGE strain on your spine! This can put you at a huge risk of injury for your back and then you will HAVE to come see me instead of just reading this online!

Let me explain more! Your back is made to take forces and it does a wonderful job. But when we ask your back to do things that it is not made to do, we are asking for injury. Your back is made to twist, but it is NOT made to twist while bearing a load. A machine like this does just that and it puts a huge pressure on your discs in your back to do it!

Rather than risk your spine to do this exercise, consider implementing one of several other movements that are much lower risk of injury and can be brutally effective. Some movements include situps, planks, side planks, oblique v-ups and russian twists. These movements will allow you to train your abs and obliques without the significantly increased risk of injury!

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P.S.- Need more help know what to do and what to avoid? Reach out to us here! We are ready to help you to accomplish your goals with safe and effective coaching!