Movements You Should Avoid: Raises

Welcome to the start of a new week! Every week, I like to discuss some actionable ideas that will allow you to be more successful! This week, I want to talk about movements that you should avoid!

What qualifies as movements that you should avoid? That's simple! These are movements that either put you at a higher risk for injury (the types of movements that allow you to see me as a physical therapist!), or movements that just don't have a high return on your fitness!

Today, we are talking about dumbbell raises. These can be either the front raise or the lateral raise.

This movement is performed when a person grabs a dumbbell (often too heavy) and proceeds to raise it either in front of them or to the side of them while keeping their elbows straight.

This is one of the movements that FREQUENTLY make people patients of mine in the physical therapy clinic that I work at! This movement puts a weight (usually one that is far too heavy) at the end of a long lever arm on a joint that is inefficient!

The short way to say it is that you turn your arm into a cheater pipe of pain!

In addition to being a pretty dangerous lift for your shoulders, it is not a lift that allows you to get better at life. I mean, when is the last time that you ever raised something over your head by holding it straight out in front of you? Instead, you are much more likely to press something over your head. You can learn more about presses here!

If you insist on wanting to work your shoulders with a dumbbell and pulling motion that continues to work your deltoids, consider adding dumbbell upright rows. This option continues to work the deltoids, but decreases the lever arm and thus danger of injury to your shoulders.

If you are looking for more options to add to improve the size of your beef pillows, feel free to reach out to us here! We are experts in movement and exercise and we would love the opportunity to help you to reach your goals in a safe way!

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