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Movements You Should Avoid: Too Light

This week, we have been talking about movements to avoid. Whether these movements cause injuries or are inefficient, they are movements that should be avoided in your exercise routine!

Today, we are talking about movements that are too light.

The body is an incredible machine! Your body is made to adapt to any demand that is consistently placed on it. This means that if you need a certain range of motion, if you continue to work at it, your body will adapt and respond to allow you to have it.

The same is true when lifting weights. If you are lifting weights and you choose a weight that is easy, you cannot expect any change to be made. I consistently find that when people lift weights on their own, they choose weight that is too easy.

Instead, what you should do is to choose a weight that will be difficult but not impossible to complete for the number of reps that you have for your set. For example, if you need to complete 12 reps of a movement for your set, you should choose a weight where your 10th, 11th and 12th rep are difficult (but not impossible) with good form.

Often, I see people that choose a weight where their 12th rep looks and feels the same as their first rep. This is too light and will not allow your body to make the changes that you are hoping for.

While this may sound difficult, you will be much happier with the changes that you see and feel within your body. Don't shy away from heavier weight!

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P.S.- Need more help know what to do and what to avoid? Reach out to us here! We are ready to help you to accomplish your goals with safe and effective coaching!

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