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Movements You Should Be Doing: Deadlifts

This week, we are talking about the movements that you should be doing in your workouts to make them as effective for you as possible.

Monday, we talked about the dreaded burpee. You can read about that here.

Yesterday, we talked about adding squats to your routine for great gains. You can read about that here!

Today, we are talking about adding deadlifts and pulling movements to your exercise regime.

There is a fairly common fear with the deadlift movement. The fear stems around the fact that some have gotten hurt in the past while performing this movement. While this can happen on occasion, with the right form and technique and the correct loading, this movement is INCREDIBLY safe and effective!

The movement looks like this...

The way that some can get into trouble with this movement is when they do not engage their "core" muscles to support and stiffen their lumbar spine. When this happens, your spine is left susceptible to injury.

The correct technique and the correct loading can help to ensure that you are safe when you perform this movement. If you are unsure, you should seek out a qualified coach for help and education on this movement. It is worth the time, effort and energy to learn this movement safely!

This movement is crucial for you and your fitness because it trains your posterior chain. These are your hamstrings, glutes and erectors (low back muscles) that help to support your upright stance. However, these muscles are used for stabilization of your lumbar spine as well and are crucial with normal daily activities like walking, running, bending over, lifting and even help with low back pain.

Think of it like this, with a bigger posterior chain, your body is going to burn more energy. When it burns more energy, you are likely going to have a leaner body composition. With a more lean body composition, you are likely to look better, feel better and perform better with just about everything that you do on a daily basis! I don't know of many people that aren't looking for some or all of those benefits!

Overall, being stronger or having more stamina in these muscles can help you with anything from running better or farther, jumping higher or farther, biking more or lifting more! This movement can unlock a lot of the doors that keep you from reaching your goals!

Consider adding it to your routine! You will be glad you did!

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P.S. Deadlifts may be one of those movements that you feel you need a little extra help with. Our coaches are here for you and would love to help you learn these movements and perform them safely and effectively. If you need help with these or any other movements this week, feel free to reach out to us here!

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