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Movements You Should Be Doing: Running

Running? Ugh! Gross!

This week, we have been talking about movements that you should be adding to your exercise regimen that will help you to become fitter, but also improve aspects of your life!

You can read about this week's other movements here, here, here and here!

Today, in the final (and most gross) installment of what you should be doing, we are going to talk about running!

Keep in mind, I am not a runner! So this hurts me to say as it does for you to hear! If you are a runner, no doubt you are beating your chest and are so proud of yourself! If that is the case, look at the previous posts this week and start adding some lifts to your routine! It will make you a better runner!

For those of you who are about ready to close this post, wait! Running will improve your fitness in other areas! Running is crucial for your performance in many other areas of life!

First, running is an important way to add VOLUME to your training without adding a lot of extra reps! This means that you are training your body to improve stamina and cardiovascular endurance without loading a lot of extra reps onto your body! This is crucial!

Second, running is performed in many activities throughout your day, everything from playing a sport, to playing with your kids or young family members, to jogging across the street to avoid traffic can be improved with adding running to your training.

Finally, running improves your aerobic engine. Improving your aerobic engine can even have an affect on your overall strength numbers, when done the right way! In fact, at CrossFit Backward Arrow, I have seen MANY of our members improve their 1 mile run time, 5k run time and strength numbers in the same month!

Running is a benefit to your training routine and should be added with consistency throughout the week! This means that you should also vary your run speed, time, distance and intensity. Don't fall into the trap of running the same distance at the same speed!

That can be tough to do, but having a coach to tell you what to do and push you to do more can really help you during this part of your training.

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P.S. Running is one of those training modalities that you may struggle to keep varied. Our coaches are here for you and would love to help you vary this part of your training to keep you improving, not plateauing. If you need help with this or any other movements this week, feel free to reach out to us here!

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