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Movements You Should Be Doing: Squats

This week, we are continuing our series on movements that you should be incorporating into your fitness routine

Yesterday, we talked about adding burpees to your fitness regime, you can read about that here.

Today, I want to talk about adding squats to your program!

Squats are an ESSENTIAL (this word feels overused now, but it is true!) part of your exercise plan. A squat is a daily activity that is crucial for you to get out of a chair, stand up from the toilet, or pick heavy or awkward objects up from the floor at times!

Squatting works almost every major muscle group in your body! This movement uses your ankles and calves, your hamstrings, glutes, and erectors (aka: your posterior chain), your quads, your lateral hip muscles, and your abs!

Working all of these muscles at once allows for you to burn CRAZY amounts of energy, work more muscles and improve your strength, all at the same time.

Squatting can be done with weight, in different positions and used with a low or high rep count. In fact, the more variations of squats that you do, the more likely you are to improve your squat technique and form, but also your overall fitness.

Many have said in the past that squatting can be dangerous, especially for your knees. But there is a vast amount of research out that shows that squatting is not only safe, but very effective for improvement of strength, stamina, endurance and functional ability!

Squatting should be done in a safe manner and should not be painful in any way! A short video can be seen here!

If you are looking to boost the effectiveness of your workouts, no matter what your goals are, you should consider adding squatting to your exercise routine! You will see a vast difference in your fitness with the addition!

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P.S. Squatting may be one of those movements that you feel you need a little extra help with. Our coaches are here for you and would love to help you learn these movements and perform them safely and effectively. If you need help with these or any other movements this week, feel free to reach out to us here!

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