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Only the Best: Protein Supplement

This series, we are discussing better options for you to use for snacks!

Today, we are talking about using protein supplements to help you during a time between meals!

First, I want to clarify something! For proper health and wellness, supplements should be just that....supplements! They should supplement your diet and fill in the places where you may be lacking! This means that you should be getting the majority of your dietary needs by the food you eat!

However, many people turn to supplements as their full diet. But supplements are missing many of the things that your body needs to be able to function at the peak of performance and health! Most supplements are missing many of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to run optimally! So by depending completely on supplements to sustain you, you are definitely missing out on other things that your body needs!

Another thing to consider, especially with protein supplements is where it comes from and the additives that are in it. Most protein supplements come from whey. Whey is a byproduct of making milk and cheese. For some, protein coming from whey may aggravate their guts, as some people have trouble processing milk and its byproducts.

This is an important thing to consider. There are other forms of protein out there as well. Some different sources are egg protein, pea protein, hemp protein and brown rice protein. Some of these powders may have different additives like sugars, substitutes, food colorings and dyes that may affect your body as well! So it is important to read your labels and know your goals and how each of these products may help or hurt you in pursuit of your goals!

Despite the warnings I just gave about these supplements, a protein supplement may be a fantastic alternative for you to use as a snack. They are quick, easy and available as well as being affordable for most budgets! Simply mix your powder in with water and shake, you are readily filled with protein!

Remember, protein is a great macronutrient to help you to feel full! So drinking a protein shake on the go may allow you to continue to have the stamina and avoid hangry-ness in your day to day life!

Need more help? Want to know more ways that you can be successful and reach your goals? Let us help you with your nutrition choices! Reach out to us here for more information and our experts can help guide you to the goals you want most!

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