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Only the Best: Veggies

In this series, we are talking about how you can help yourself to be successful with a nutrition plan!

Part of a good nutrition plan is knowing what you can go to in moments where you find yourself more hungry, bored and between meals. Many times, this is where people fall off the wagon in their plan. They don't have a plan for when they don't have a plan or when things go wrong!

Today we are talking about eating veggies as a snack when you need one!

I know this isn't the most riveting idea to ever rattle your eardrum, but hear me out on this one!

Vegetables are among the healthiest foods that you can eat! They will fit into almost EVERY diet plan. They have amazing amounts of carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals that will allow you to remain or get healthier!

How do they keep you full? In a word...fiber! Fiber is that thing that old people take to keep them regular, yes, but it is also crucial to your health and wellness. Sure, it helps you poop, but it also helps to regulate your blood sugar and makes you feel full! These are crucial components to your health, but also to your happiness! Let's face it, no one is happy when they are hungry!

There is almost no limit to the veggies that you can eat for a snack when on the go...carrots, grape tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, salad, mushrooms and peppers are all great options with many more available as well!

The main part of success in nutrition is being prepared. This means that you should pack your snacks in storage containers and have them available for you when you need them. You will NEVER make a trip to the grocery store for veggies as a snack, but you can always stop in to a convenience store and get an unhealthy snack! The more prepared you are, the less strong you have to be in the future!

The bottom line is this...YOU CAN DO IT! If you are in a spot where you know you will need a snack, vegetables are a great food to have so that you can make the right choice and stay on track with your goals!

Need more help with nutrition? Need someone to help push you to be better in this area? Reach out to our expert coaches for help here! We are ready and wanting to help you to reach your goals!

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