Ready to Get Strong? Change it Up!

This week, we have been talking about how to get stronger!

Today we are going to talk about how to keep from reaching a plateau in your training. Yesterday we talked about how you can accomplish this by choosing the appropriate weight in your training.

Today, we are going to talk about variance. Variance means changing up the types and order of exercises that you do.

You see, yesterday, we talked about how your body adapts to the stimulus that is placed on it. In short, anything that is performed repeatedly by your body, it will adapt so that the stimulus is not likely to hurt in the future. This is an amazing thing that our body does!

One way that you can see this in action is even in your skin! You see, when an area of skin is rubbed for a repeated or long duration, it forms a callus. You see it in your hands and feet, depending on the type and placement of the rubbing. The callus is your body's way of adapting so that it won't be injured in the future.

However, when we are talking about accomplishing our goals for improved strength, this is NOT a situation that we are looking for. You see, if you continue to place only the same demands on your body, your body will only be able to do that much, because that is as far as it will adapt.

For example, if you only perform the same activities, you will only get strong in that area. For you to continue to see improvements in your strength, you MUST vary the types, styles and order of the exercises that you are performing in order to continue to see improvements in yourself!

Additionally, making changes to the type and order of your exercises will also keep your workout routines more fun and engaging. This change will likely help you to be more consistent with your exercise and continue to see results because consistency is the key that drives change the most.

Want to try it? Do this:

  • Look up different exercises online that train the same muscle group

  • Make a list of 4-6 exercises per muscle group that you are training

  • Every week, change the exercise, reps, sets, weight or order of the exercises that you are completing

  • Do this for several weeks.

Watch the changes in your body and strength as you perform this new way to train!

Still not sure what to do? That's ok! This can be a little confusing!

The best thing that you can do if you are still confused is to get a coach to help you! Coaches can help to make sure that you aren't doing the same thing too much and are performing the exercises you are currently doing safely and to the greatest benefit to you!

If you need a coach, reach out to us here! We are ready and excited to help you to accomplish your goals!

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