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Ready to Get Strong? Overload

This week, we are talking about building strength and how you should do it!

First, let's keep in mind that ALL of the recommendations come with an emphasis on good form. Good form is paramount to your safety and should NEVER be sacrificed during training!

Additionally, let's keep in mind that these ideas and recommendations are true across our population. So, if you are man, woman, child, young or old, these same ideas hold true for you! Yes, even you can get stronger!

The first principle of your strength program should be the principle of overload. This idea states that your body will adapt to the demands that you place on it. Even more simply, if you ask your body to do more, it will do more!

I get to talk to a lot of people, both as a trainer, a physical therapist and a gym owner. Many times, when I talk to people about their strength training, they tell me that they like to lift weights. They want to get stronger. But when we delve down deeper, I find that they are usually not using weights that are challenging their muscles enough to make a change that they are wanting to see!

So, because they continue to use very light weights, they find very little change for themselves! Their body adapts early on in their training, but then they find that they have little changes after that time!

Instead, you should use heavier weights! How heavy? (Great question! I'm glad you asked!)

You should use a weight that feels like a struggle to complete the set that you are in!

For example, let's say that you are completing a set of 10 reps. You should choose a weight in which the last 2-3 reps of each set feel like a struggle. Maybe you feel more muscle burn...maybe you feel yourself want to "cheat" the rep by using other muscles to help or shortening the range of motion. This is the right weight for you!

Now, this feels scary to people! This may seem scary to you! But...this is the way that your body adapts and responds and grows stronger!

Keep in mind, it may take you a few tries to find the right weight to use and that is ok! Keep working and don't stop!

Finally, don't just use that weight all of the time! Remember, your body gets stronger like you are wanting! So that means that you will get used to that weight and you need to increase the weight that you are using! That is great news!

Remember, we want to be uncomfortable! That is where all of the growth happens (in more areas than the gym, but that is another blog post)!

If you find that you don't understand or need help, reach out to us here! We want to help you and provide a community of support for you to reach the goals that you have for yourself!

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