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Stop the Aging Process!

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” -George Bernard Shaw

The author was right when he coined this phrase! Growing old happens simply because of a lack of play!

This week, we have been talking about how you can express your fitness outside of the walls of a gym. The final thing to consider is playing with a child!

If there is one thing that children LOVE to do, it is play! And if there is one thing that wears parents and caretakers out more than anything, it is the constant play that a child wants to do!

However, what would it be like to outplay your kids? Your nieces and nephews? Your grandkids? When was the last time that you ever saw a kid that was tired and needed a break from play with an adult?

So, a fun and simple way to continue to improve your fitness as well as do something different is to play with a child!

Think about it! Children are running, climbing, hanging, changing their positions so much, it is like exercise all in itself! You will continue to exercise your cardiovascular system with the running, climbing and laughing you are doing! You will bear weight through your arms and legs, you will be upside down sometimes, you will tax all parts of your body including your face! You see, the smile that a child puts on your face is stress relieving.

Being a part of a community and a close knit relationship with a child and others has a big stress relieving part of your health! Decreasing stress and recovering from stress is vitally important to your overall health! Find out more about it here!

When you play with a child, the world doesn't seem so awful! You feel better and the child you have been with has an improved day from spending time with you! Won't you try this to get out of the gym and continue to improve your fitness?!

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