Take a Hike!

This week, as we get out of the gym, we are talking about the benefits of doing some recreational activities OUTSIDE of the gym!

In CrossFit, we like to regularly learn and play new sports! This continues to challenge us and our limits and become a better and more fit human!

Yesterday we talked a little bit more about the sports side, but today we are talking about taking a more natural approach!

One great way to use your fitness outside of the gym is to simply go for a hike!

Getting out and into the great outdoors does wonders for you as a human! This is a chance to get away from all of the demands of our current culture and society! To throw it all off for just a little while and have a little space to breathe!

This type of activity can and should be done on almost any day, as it will represent a new and different challenge for you! Yes, that means rain or shine! Hot or cold! Embrace the challenge of a new environment and look for the beauty in the world around you!

Additionally, this can even surpass your time in the gym! The fresh air is so much better for you than the air that is in your gym! Seeing different sights and hearing different sounds will stimulate your brain in different ways! Walking on all types of different surfaces and slopes will challenge your balance and your reaction times! Walking instead of something more intense will help your aerobic engine to become even better and allow for further improvement, even inside the gym when you return there!

Making a small change like this can help you in a variety of ways....ways that you cannot even truly comprehend until you take the step and try it! Get outside and take a hike! Take some friends or family while you are at it and enjoy your time outside the gym!

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