Take It All Away: Appointments

In our last series, we talked about things that you can and should ADD to your daily routine that can help you to have less stress and love life a little more!

This series, we are talking about the things that you can REMOVE from your life that can help you to feel more fulfilled as well! Removing these things is removing life "sucking" things from your life!

Think about life sucking like the machine in The Princess Bride.

Today we are talking about additional appointments. Having many extra appointments can suck the life out of you! It is a time in which you are likely feeling overwhelmed to try to cram them all in for the day! Doing this is frustrating and leads to increased stress for you!

Think about it, you are usually trying to finish something up before you get in your car and speed to your next destination. While you are speeding around, you may be frustrated with the traffic that is around you.

When you get to your appointment, you may be thinking about your next destination or item on your "to do" list. This only increases the feeling of stress and overwhelm, which makes you want to pull your hair out more!

This feeling of wanting to pull your hair out is stress!

Instead of falling into this never ending cycle of stress, it is important to prioritize the most important things in your life! Keep in mind, IMPORTANT and URGENT are two different things!

Important is a task or meeting that is truly that, important. This concerns either you or someone you love in a real and tangible way.

Urgent is a different matter. These meetings are generally "loud". This means that someone else is saying that it is important, but it is not going to have a great deal of effect on your or your life in the next week.

As you are going through life and making appointments, ask yourself, "Is this IMPORTANT, or is this URGENT?" Stick to the important things, the urgent things have a way of taking care of themselves!

Why is a gym blog talking about this? Because our goal is to help people to live better lives! That means that sometimes, we talk about things that are not within the walls of our facility to better help you live the life you have been wanting to live!

In this case, we are talking about relieving your stress! When you have less stress and less exposure to stress hormones, you are more likely to have better health, including better health markers!

Work to add these suggestions into your life for less stress in your day to day dealings, you will be glad you did!

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