The Key: A Goal

As we continue to talk about how you can reach your goals and add consistency, we next discuss having a goal.

Now what I'm talking about isn't just the same thing as having a goal like "I want to lose 20#" or "I want to pay off my loans"...No, what I am talking about is a target to shoot for.

What I am talking about more is something like, I want to lose 20# so that I can compete in the obstacle course race that I want to run with my friends. Something like, I want to pay off my loans so that I can finally afford the vacation that I have been dreaming of in July.

Now, this goal needs to drive you! It needs to be important to you and you need to have a reason WHY that is important to you! Without these goals and aspirations, you will be hard pressed to achieve some of your goals and stay consistent.

But, when you have something like this to TRAIN for, suddenly, all of the planning, the work and effort seems to be worth it. When you have a specific result in mind other than just "trying to be healthy" you will find a little more drive to your aspirations.

It doesn't need to be the most amazing thing in the don't have to win the Super Bowl...but it does have to be something that drives you!

Pick something important, put a date to it and start TRAINING instead of checking off will be amazed at what it does for your consistency!

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