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The Key: Accountability

In this series, we have been talking about the key to reaching your goals...Consistency. But, how do you maintain consistency?!

Today we talk about accountability as a tool to help you to achieve that goal!

Accountability is defined as the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility. In our world, this is a person or people that you are going to answer to. This could be a supervisor in a work setting...they hold you accountable to get your work done. We may not like them, but they hold our feet to the fire and can help to keep us moving along in our work life.

The same can be said in your fitness journey! Having someone that can help to hold you to your journey and commitment can take you miles along your path! This can be someone that is on the journey with you, like a workout partner.

Generally, there is a strong emotional tie between these partners and an unwillingness to let the other down. With this type of accountability, you generally need to have a history together. This could be a family member or close friend that is on a similar journey.

Another good example of accountability is a group that is performing a similar activity together. This is a situation that you can see in gyms all around...spin classes, Zumba classes, CrossFit classes and running clubs are a great example of this! In these classes, you are able to connect to the group and use it to push you along in your journey to be better! It is a good opportunity for accountability.

Finally, you can have a great opportunity for accountability from a coach. With a coach, you are paying them (accountability) and they are expecting you (double accountability) to show up and put in the work. A coach should have a good program for you that is focused on your goals for your workout. They should be there to educate, entertain and inspire the best work in you so that you can take steps toward your optimal goal!

This type of accountability tends to get the best results because the training is so specific and the accountability generates great consistency for you to reach your end result!

So, the real goal is consistency, but accountability is a tool that helps you to reach your optimal consistency!

There are many different types out there, you just need to find the one that is best for you!

Need help finding what is best for you? Need a group or a coach that is there to help spur you on to your best self? Reach out to us here and let us know what you think would be best for your personality! We can help to guide you to where you want to be through nutrition and exercise coaching!

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